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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

World class Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Search Engine Optimisation [Search Engine Optimization] (SEO) is the application of many complementary techniques to improve the visibility and ranking of your website.


SEO dramatically improves the chances of your website being found, read and acted on.  It is not sufficient to have a "good" website if it is difficult for your target audience to find.

HOW is this achieved ?

The exact techniques that we use are a guarded secret, but each website is professionally written and filed in such a way that the major search engine robots can easily find your website and then rank it higher than other sites offering similar products, services or information.


Our mission is to get your website to #1 on the first page of a Google search.


Most SEO work is offensive, to put your website above your competitors and thereby secure that extra business.

A growing sector is defensive SEO, in which people want to see other peoples websites pushed down the rankings.  For example  -  celebrities may want to suppress damaging information about their past.


We are specialists in SEO and we don't simply buy links.  We design every part of your website to be "robot" friendly.  It is what we are good at and we have a proven track record of success.  The fact that you found this site is proof that we can get peoples attention.

WHAT makes SEO-NET.ORG different ?

Our unique personal approach, focus and methods yield the best results   -   helped by real SEO experts meeting you from day one to understand your exact requirements and the market you operate in.  We feel it is important that our SEO team isn't hidden in a back room or in India.

CAN you SEO an existing site ?

Yes we can, BUT the results will never be as good as letting us professionally write your website for SEO from the outset.

Is SEO expensive ?

Not when compared to the extra business that our SEO services will provide, and we can normally tailor our services to suit different budgets.

CAN I just sit back after I get my new website ?

Yes, but we wouldn't recommend that.  Google and the other search engines (Microsoft - MSN, Yahoo...) are forever changing their search and ranking algorithms, and the market you serve is dynamic.  Therefore we must continuously monitor, analyse and review your website performance (and that of your competitors) and re-SEO it to maintain its dominance.

WHAT should I do now ?

Email us or phone our experts.  We are based in Dorset, England (less than 90 minutes from London)  -  so please bear the time-zone in mind when phoning from outside the UK.
[phone in the evening from Asia or morning from the Americas]

     phone:  +44 (0)1202 862100
     Skype:    search-engine-optimisers   Skype™ Seach-Engine-Optimisers

OTHER services:

To support our SEO, we provide a complete multilingual copywriting, web-design and hosting service, e-marketing, e-commerce, pay per click management, content management, blog and forum management, display advertising, affiliate marketing, search engine submission, website promotion, link building, internet marketing, competition analysis, keyword analysis and website traffic reports  (web stats).



A website is only any good if visitors find your website before they find your competitors one !


We never accept work from competing clients as we are only able to get one client from each market to the top spot and, in our business, offering second best isn't good enough.


We sincerely apologise to any people and organisations whose sites we are unable to SEO due to our non-compete promise and loyalty to existing clients.


                                           "... SEO is our business ..."

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